Tuesday, 25 October 2016

*Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In case you didn't know it's breast cancer awareness month and because it's so important to check yourself for lumps, I wanted to share with you some information on about if you find a lump that may help; not every lump can mean cancer but do always get it seen by a Doctor!

Adore Me is a New York lingerie company and their aim is to empower woman to fill like their best selves and to instill self confidence. Unlike other lingerie sites, Adore Me is a monthly subscription service offering two options. The first being a VIP membership, offering lingerie starting at $39.95 and every 6th lingerie is free, and the second being a Pay As You Go option.

The fab people at Adore me wanted me to share this great post to help you with if you checking and if you find a lump:

9 Breast Lumps that aren't cancer, there is also a very helpful video too which is below:

So remember to check yourself regularly!